I’ve been musing for a few days on what sort of cover to put on the recently completed Project 0: Part 1. This is the first one that stood out enough to warrant a proper draft. It’s subtle, and quiet, the kind of cover that might get one thinking.

At the same time its sort of dreamy, maybe too romantic. It’s also important to have an eye catching edge.
Heres a second idea. A quick personality sketch. It’s a bit more of what you’d expect to the cover of a kids story.
There are a lot of ways to do this. Some covers artistically capture a moment or a scene from the story. Who doesn’t like finally getting to that page where you realize, hey this is where the picture on the front comes from.

The image can also say a lot about the kind of story you’re telling, and the people you want to read it.

Project 0 has this whimsical feel, but a lot of you have described it as a steam punk story. While the art style is simple, Part 2 is going to have a lot of action and go a little darker. We’re trying to find a cool way to balance these different aspects.

We’ll be using the blog to let you know more about where we are in the process. We want your feedback. These are still rough sketches, so your thoughts could shape the destiny of this story.

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