A little over a week ago the Tower sent representatives, (i.e. half the company, i.e. the person making this post) to attend C2E2 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

It was my first time at a comic convention so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Needless to say it was a good experience, especially for the budding storyteller.

Saturday was the first day I was able to take in the sights and sounds. I met a few people in the industry, doing what they love. There’s a lot to learn. People get here in different ways, but there’s a lot they said that was the same. Tenacity, quality work, a few key connections.

Amid poster signing, free giveaways, over priced food, cosplayers, and other convention fare, I was able to attend part of the panel for the Black Comix group. They’re out there doing big things, as cliché as it sounds, it was refreshing to see minorities staking a claim in the market, and finding an audience.

Sunday I spent more time in the main convention hall, specifically what they call Artist’s Alley. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the Tower welcomes all kinds of critique. Some people I showed our work to were all about it, the style of the artwork, the emotions expressed by the characters. Others saw the same pages and were critical of some stylistic choices, and offered advice on steps to take to improve the drawings and the story.

The convention wrapped up with a panel entitled How to Fail in Comic Books. It was something a bit out of the ordinary, but more than worthwhile to attend. It addressed a lot of the pitfalls up and comings fall into, and how to avoid the things that we, well, want to avoid. It focused more on print than digital work, but there’s wisdom to be gained from all things no?

All in all it was a good experience; I’d love to go again. Nods to Khary Randolph, Steve McNiven, Michael Kandalaft, Ryan Benjamin, Onli Sutdios, and Jeff Stone among others and fans who are keeping this world turning.

Below are sketches that the Tower took to Artist’s Alley. We showcased the Project 0 universe but here are a couple unrelated things we haven’t even put on the site yet. Overtime, we’ll be giving more glimpses into the greater Central City Tower narrative. For now you can whet your appetite with these.

A new kind of adventure hero
Is that the Tower in the background?

Part 2 of Project 0 is still underway, though we’re technically still on hiatus. A few new characters are coming into play, their designs are finally stable, and thumbnails are almost complete.

More to come.


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