In preparation for the C2E2 convention a few weeks ago the tower felt it needed to come correct. In addition to new binders and slick portfolio when presenting yourself in a professional setting the business card is a necessity.And no business card is complete without a clean logo to go along with it.

Simply put, logo design is work.  You are challenged to translate an entire organization, product, or idea into one instantly identifiable image.  All of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations distilled into an icon.  For the time being, I think we’ve succeeded

 And so without further ado, the new logo for Central City Tower:

Oh its so sweet.

So far the major icon associated with the tower is the tower itself.  The meaning behind the four lines will reveal itself in due time though you may begin to generate a hypothesis from closely examining the banner at the top.  Much like our art style, it is simple on the surface with a layer of complexity underneath.

As this story of Project 0 evolves so will this whole operation.

Speaking of evolution, logos have a tendency to evolve over time.  I’m just as excited to see the next iteration of this as you are.  For a history lesson take a look at this evolution of logos. (Best Ad)


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