Okay, truth is, Phase I Part 2 is still not ready to go. And it might not be for a while. Why?

…Not in the middle of anything important

This screen capture is more telling than you might think. Yes that’s Photoshop CS2 and yes this is Windows XP. So the software’s a little dated and our computers are old….and prone to crashing. Project 0 is still pretty legit.

But look harder. What this picture is really pointing you to is that contour drawings for Phase I Part 2.1 are already underway. New content is on the horizon.

In the meantime we’ll be keeping you posted with frequent 0 Progress Reports as we build up to the release of Phase I Part 2. The Reports will be featuring art from the series, introducing new characters and concepts, and as letting you know where we are with the development of the franchise. There’s plenty to be excited for as we anticipate the release of the next chapter.

So updates, there will be another one soon. Don’t go anywhere.


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