In the distant future, Central City Tower stands as a monument of power and commerce. As home to some of the most influential firms in business, technology, leading figures in entertainment and politics, and coupled with five-star hotels, top restaurants, and elite shopping, the tower is a beacon for the hopes and dreams of many in this bustling metropolis. The tower is our namesake for reasons obvious to us, but surely not for most visitors.

Here at the Tower, we’ve been making and refining our stories for almost 16 years. In the History section we want to let you in on the imagination behind things that are going to appear on the website. Where better to start but Central City Tower itself?

Circa 1996, one of our earliest stories was about a group of mutant frogs. The Frogs was set in a fictional city called Springfield, so named because in it there was a giant natural geyser, or spring, that shot water several feet into the air.

We were kids in the 90s. Ninja Turtle influence was a must.

About three years later we rethought the geyser, and conceived that it be the centerpiece of a towering skyscraper. In this sense it became more of a giant fountain. The fountain’s waters would spring from the ground to the top floor on the interior of the building. This new tower, along with the appropriated fountain, was to be found in the newly envisioned Central City.
A futuristic metropolis, loosely based on Chicago, IL. Originally this made the tower something of an analogue to the (at the time) Sears Tower. Since the year 2000, the general look of the city and the tower has remained fairly consistent. We were as surprised as anyone else to find out that the Chicago Spire was apparently inspired by our design.
Central City would go on to become the primary setting of quite a few of our stories. It is home to high powered agents, mystical sentinels, and not so normal people trying to live their lives. Heroes, freaks, government officials, machines, students, the high class and the outcasts. And of course, frogs. Each of these characters contributed a special flavor to the city and our expanding mythos. Each offered new and exciting story telling opportunities, or potential for great action sequences that filled our imaginations for years. 
 A lifetime of creative works, chronicled in notebooks, sketch pads and loose 8½ x 11
But why keep it to ourselves? We want to be conveying each of these characters in one way or another for years to come. 
It only made sense that when we decided to build a website to host these ideas, we name it for the tower, the most iconic shared landmark between our tales.

By extension, we named code named our first production Project 0. The project that would precede all of our previous characters. Later the name just happened to stick.


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