A mischievous spirit that makes his home in a deep burrow. This is the Spider as he appears in Drummer. He is a shape-shifter, whose face tends to change with his mood. He’s relatively laid back, spending his days on his tree stump throne letting fortune roll his way.

In this story the Spider takes on more of a supporting role, think of him as a genie or a demon of a kind. His magic, and characteristic selfishness, spur on this tale.

He’s a music lover, and a little bit of a glutton. In his younger days he was probably more proactive, but as an ancient spirit, he’s happy watching others get into the kinds of trouble he’s all too familiar with.

…It’s tough designing a character with eight limbs. What do you do with all of them? For now we’re happy with this version, it gives room for some playful compositions.

Ultimately it takes its influence from ancient West African Masks, and one interpretation of the spider that stuck with me since elementary school days.

Though, as is the fleeting nature of the Spider Stories, his next incarnation may give him another form entirely.

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