Graphic novels are fascinating medium if only for the interplay between text and images.  One area where this is not the case is on the cover.  Here one picture must shoulder the weight of the world.  One picture must convey the characters, the action, the emotion.  The tone. 
Without further ado Central City Tower is proud to present the latest cover for Project 0, Phase I: Part One.
Thanks to all those who gave feedback on the sketches that were posted a few weeks ago, the comments gave a lot of perspective.  Nothing’s ever final, but I feel we’ve got a winner on our hands. This will also to be attached to a revised version of part one in the near future.
Look for a retrospective on a few of the iterations this went through before getting to this stage.  
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Hopefully this at least sets you in the right direction.

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