Recently we revealed the main character of Spider Stories: Drummer, the Drummer himself. But the challenge of having a musical character in a work is how best to convey their music.

As mentioned previously, we wanted to experiment with storytelling and sequential art in the Spider Stories series. The solution was simple. When the character he plays the drum, let the audience hear it!

For this undertaking we had to call in some outside help. Rising to the challenge of new media was John Yost of Rhythm Revolution. He is an seasoned drummer, specializing in everything from djembe to taiko, and works out of Evanston IL.

I paid Rhythm Revolution two visits back in the spring. The first time I just wanted to listen and get a feel for their sounds. Sitting in on one of their classes I was convinced we could move forward with this group.

The second time I joined them on of their jam sessions to record original audio. He and his band were a pretty relaxed group and were more than happy to help us out with this project.

You heard it here first. Spider Stories: Drummer will be our first work to feature a soundtrack. Look forward to it.


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