When setting out to do the cover for part one the goal was clear:.

Set. The. Tone.

Part of what makes 0 different from what many people see in comic books is that it’s a story about people and circumstance not dressed up in costume. Those books have their place in our culture and their derivatives have had a strong influence on me and my style, but they are not what we are trying to emulate in the book.

Ultimately, the cover we chose pays homage to the sense of wonder and excitement from those American classics.

The ideal world of Project 0 is one collaboration and influence from who care about it. We tried this in a basic form by soliciting feedback from a few of our readers on routes for the cover.


So the image with the kids was a favorite. Though other’s commented that they liked the incorporation of the buggy into the shot of the kids hanging out.

Enter: The Flying Machine

rough sketch

The flying machine is a key device in the mythos of Project 0. It’s a symbol for our protagonist’s hopes, and deserved to be on the title page. But how? Composition may be an issue that I over stress on, but still I cannot emphasize it enough. Even to the other half of the studio.

Whether the rotors rise in expectation…

Imposing look, but lacking depth

…Or drape in protective canopy…

One of my favorites from the process

..The flying machine adds a much needed edge to an otherwise generic drawing.


Composition-wise, we ultimately we decided to keep the machine thrusting upward, to contrast the kids facing down. Still not totally satisfied with Bea, but it will be revised.


Notice also the improvement to the line work on the children in the later images, particularly Owen’s arms. The pic was stalled here for a quite a while when I knew I liked it but somehow it wasn’t working. Found I just needed to grow them and adequately fill the space.

 Resize, omonize the background. 

I enjoy the image because it seeks to illustrate the relationship between these unlikely friends. To me it inspires a sense of wonder with the metal glowing in Owen’s hand, a sense of scope with the flying machine driving the scene forward and a sense of friendship between these three children.

With Owen as the lead this image captures his support to his right, challenges to his left and is framed by his aspirations. Finally your eye is drawn to the glowing center and all of the possibilities in the world of Project 0.

Hit me back.


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