Contrary to popular belief, the Tower is continuously working on Part 2 of Project 0. So what have we done?

There was a lot of internal debate about what should get accomplished in Part 2 and what should be pushed to later sections. New characters get introduced, new settings and the tone is a bit different from Part 1.

We had a lot of discussion for months on how to deal with the expansion on the cliffhanger from page 26

The best cliffhangers leave even the writers stumped

It took a few dedicated months of edits, rewrites and overhauls, but the script was finally completed to a point where we were satisfied. Some creative compromises had to be made.

We were planning on introducing several major players of the Project 0 mythos in this next section. However we realized that sometimes less is more. Just because a work is more complex doesn’t make it better, and we want to make sure the imagination of the audience is where we want it to be.

That said, at least one character we really wanted to introduce in Phase I Part 2 is now being cut out of Phase I entirely. It was a tough call, but it’s giving us more time on the other 3 new characters that are going to get quite a bit of spotlight in the coming pages. We want to make sure we get them right.

 Leaked concept artsort of

Also if in time to come we get around to making a Phase II, she’ll definitely be introduced then. That way we’ll have much more time to be develop her as an individual rather than seemingly arbitrarily expanding the ensemble. That’s a mouthful.

So for Phase I Part 2, I’d say its still going to be a party.

More to come


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