So this isn’t nearly as formal as a series introduction, as specific as a character introduction, or going to be as detailed a proper History article. It’s just Fuzzy.

Hand-drawn Fuzzy

You may have seen this aptly named purple character on a few updates in the past. Depending on whether or not you know the creators, you’ll know that he also makes appearances in various art projects, signatures, birthday cards, and doodles.

Fuzzy was originally conceived circa 1999, drawn by John. He’s a simple character who is now something of a mascot. His yellow counterpart, the Acroboxle (Acro for short,) was designed around 2001 by me Charles.

Digital Acro

The two make a nice duo that we can use for sketches, stamps, shorts, and logos…They really should be in advertising by now. We’ll let you know when you can order a T-shirt.

There’s not much of a story to these guys which is probably for the best. But they’re fun to keep around.

The inspiration behind both of these characters is quirky to say the least. Due to their simplistic and dare we say cutesy design, they are easy candidates to experiment in different artistic media and styles. True to their originators, John’s first attempt at hand drawn animation was a clip of Fuzzy doing a back flip, while my first try at digital animation was a clip of Acro punching.

Simple and stylized

You’ll be seeing Fuzzy plus Acro and some others around every now and then. Just wanted to make sure you knew who they were.


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