The first set of the thumbnails were finished a few weeks ago on Part 2. These were quite … belabored. Strange how that works on projects. I don’t hesitate to say that the thumbnailing process has been a major bottleneck on Part 2’s development, but I also don’t regret it.

The fits and starts on Part 2 might be a case of over thinking

Charles and I went back and forth for weeks and months about how much action to put in, how the tone would have undergone such a dramatic shift from Part 1, how audiences would respond and if we ourselves would appreciate it.

We were both attached to a few visual ideas and key sequences- some of which survived, others morphed around still others are just gone.

Page composition took quite a bit more effort than I expected as well. As it stands Part 2.1 will come in hot at about 11 pages. A much tighter result compared to the original Part 2 draft which covered the same scope of events, but took about 20 pages. The lesson learned here is pacing

Delusions of grandeur had me trying for some pretty ambitious, but ultimately confusing and ineffective pages.

Part 2.1 also introduces two key characters for main story: the afore mentioned silhouetted saboteurs. Needless to say there was debate about what sort of entrance they should have. First impressions are everything. Should they come in with figurative guns blazing to make up for the lack of action in part 1 or as stealthy covert operatives as is more in line with their mission? Take a look at these sketches from last year:

High Octane

A high adrenaline, action packed opening, throwing bodies around and causing general destruction, sigh, a product of videogame trailers and early influences. We’ve since opted for a subtler opening- playing with shadows and tricks of light. These characters are almost literally living shadows during this particular operation so we needed something quieter, emphasizing stealth and mystery. Thus we have them infiltrate rather than ransack.


This was mostly about the development of the first section, but 2.2 is also thumbnailed out and ready to go. That one was different, and a challenge to build visual tension out of a conversation, but I don’t want to give too much away so … more on that later.

So we’re good with 2.1. It’s quieter and more streamlined though there‘ll still some fireworks at the end.

Stay up

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