So we debated for a bit on how best to release this video but in the end we decided just to do it in one shot.

This is the AKD version of Spider Stories Drummer, it’s a ten minute long cartoon that tells a story through moving murals. An experiment in eye tracking and musical motif.

The story unfolds as your eye moves from each action to the next across 7 different murals, guided by what hopes to be naturally paced panning.

As an artist you must always be your harshest critic, that said view the AKD version of Drummer as a first draft. Over the next few weeks we’ll be redoing the murals and animation, as well as adding some form of narration to better communicate the story. It’s getting a real overhaul.

Until then enjoy this our first real venture into the world of animation.

Plot Summary:

The first of the Spider Stories follows the tale of a poor farmer in the Spider’s village. He spends his days working in the hot sun. When he falls down a Spider hole, he loses his palm fruit to the Spider itself. He demands his fruit, but is instead offered a talking drum as a trade off.

He soon discovers that the drum is magic, and when he plays it his desolate farm begins to flourish. By playing the drum repeatedly he exploits its power to make himself rich. When the drum is more than worn out, he realizes he has become dependent on it. In order to maintain his new slothful lifestyle, he negotiates with the Spider for a second drum.

But with this new drum he is unable to conjure the magic as he had before. Slowly his farm withers and returns to its barren state as his guards and servants leave him.

By chance a poor elderly man asks the once powerful drummer to grant him some food. Ashamed that his power and wealth are no more he first turns the old man away. But seeing him leave he decides to try one last time, and to his surprise, his palm tree once again bears fruit.

Realizing that the drum’s powers can only be summoned for others, he plays for the entire city to hear.

Finally at peace he lays the drum to rest…Until it is discovered anew!


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