Charles here. Thanks for all the goodwill on the Spider Stories demo. Lets talk about the spider and how this got started.

Clearly there are countless series in popular culture that draw their imagery and themes from East Asia or Europe.  For my final project last year at university, I decided to tackle making an African inspired cartoon and add the mother continent to the mix. Unfortunately for the parameters of the class project, the scope of an epic adventure was too big a job to tackle just yet.

Guess which one this is…

The above video is of a game I happened upon called Pata-pon which was also sort of inspired by African drums. I’m sure its a fine game, and it’s gotten pretty good reviews too, but on watching reviews and gameplay videos, something about the way it comes across in terms of presentation and style only felt vaguely African.

When crafting Spider Stories I wanted to make sure that even at a glance it would give off a distinctly African vibe. However, I realized that these days its hard to find stories set in Africa, or that really take time to explore it. So for inspiration I went way back to the old stuff, what’s more African than folk tales? I’ll get to Nollywood next time.

For now I shifted focus  to researching different stories from Anansi the Spider to Turtle and other folk characters until I happened upon a story that actually dealt with a magical drum.

I considered doing a straight adaptation, but instead decided to give it a little Tower flare.

More to come on aspects of the development of Spider Stories.


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