Before I get into this, let me give you a heads up of what to expect from us in the next few weeks. As with all aspects of life making a graphic novel is for the most part a learning experience. With that in mind we’re soon going to shift gears into truly tracking part 2s development as we have been promising for months. For now let’s continue getting up to speed on some generalities- er specifically the digital line drawings.

Work in progress

Just as was suggested a few posts ago, the next part after completing the thumbnails is to compose the finished images. On Part 1, there was an added step of hand drawing a full page.

Makeshift Studios on the real (pg10)

For Part 2 we’re skipping a step and going straight to the digital portion, in our internal lexicon: the Contours.

Clean (pg10)

For 2.1 these contours have been largely finished and mostly satisfying. I’ll have to say, skipping the hand drawing step left me feeling a little empty at first, but come on, some of these turned out great, but in reality most of them did not.

 Panel 4 … Gross

And for the contours that made into the final draft, many of them got cleaned up significantly with the tablet after the fact.

Compare a lackluster page (19) with one of my favorites (19)


Even after all of the laboring on the thumbnails, these near final images haven’t quite flowed naturally. In terms of development, if Part 1 was a loving child who always hugged you and told you how great you were, Part 2 has been that troubled teen with a lot of potential. She’s rougher, more daring, takes risks, makes difficult choices and stupid mistakes.

All the more exciting to read

Despite all this, you still feel that when she grows up, she’ll be more amazing than you could have ever imagined (Well … I know because I’ve read the script). As you get a glimpse through these shots there’s action, drama and a widening of the scope of the world. The intensity has ramped up considerably. Don’t want to give too much away, but you just have to trust that we know where we’re going.

In the end its a step by step process. Hey, there’s nothing like getting to the next stage of production.

Talk back.

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