This story begins in an old village, where a poor farming tends to his field. Here, in his dry and scarce land, the only thing that bears fruit is a palm tree.

He painstakingly gathers palm nuts from the treetop and prepares to take them back to his farmhouse, but on his way home he loses his footing.

He begins to slide into a deep dark hole.

The farmer falls down, tumbling and tumbling over until he hits the ground with a loud thump!
He picks himself up, lost in what seems to be an underground cave. He looks around and sees his basket and palm nuts rolling down a hill away from him.
He resolves to chase after them, following the winding trail of the cave until he find none other than the Spider.
The Spider had already gathered up the palm nuts and was now treating himself to a free meal, as the farmer pleaded for his only crops.

The farmer quickily becomes annoyed with Spider, who was happily ignoring him, and demands his crop back.

Spider himself became frustrated with the farmers demand, but then had an idea.

In exchange for keeping the palm nuts this time, Spider summons a talking drum.

The drum gives off a strange but warm glow.

The farmer is skeptical of how this drum can help him. A musical instrument doesn’t seem like a fair trade for a poor man’s harvest.

But the Spider, grinning, insists on the trade. The large Spider spirit leans in and offers the drum. The light from the instrument begins to grow around the two of them until…

The Drummer finds himself back out in the open, with his instrument at his side!


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