So a few weeks ago we told you about our two mascot characters, Fuzzy and Acro(boxle). The two share an interesting history that began back in the early 2000s.

Number 1 and Number 2

Fuzzy has a simple but great design, I’ve heard it described as ‘cool’, ‘cute’ and ‘endearing’, just to name a few. Acro, now a sort of partner/rival to Fuzzy, was invented a few years later, generally to the reaction of, ‘oh that’s nice.’

Weird, since their designs are parallel. Purple vs yellow, triangular vs circular, big feet vs big hands. Even their names are similarly fitting. Just as Fuzzy is fuzzy, Acro literally is an Acroboxle.

Maybe it all stems from the origins.

Acro really got his start as a makeshift toy. One I’m sure all of you have had at least once in your life. I’m of course talking about .25USD.

When I was a fifth grader I used to get this back as change from lunch money. When I was bored in class I would play with the coins under my desk. The nickel was like a head, and the two dimes were hands. Then you had a character that could maybe fly around and punch stuff, with hands that orbited his body. (note you can also do this with a quarter and two nickels.)

 Then and now

Originally as a reference to the coins the character had a steely blue body. On John’s direction he changed to a red and yellow color scheme. Yellow, like a smiley face without a mouth, red hands like boxing gloves. After some convincing the color swap stuck around.

Still he didn’t look like much but 3 circles. Anyone can draw three circles. And so he sort of lived in the shadow of his better designed counterpart Fuzzy for several years….until now!

Thanks to extremely basic knowledge in Flash animation, I was able to put together a short cartoon of the Acroboxle in action.

While I admit he may not be much just to look at he sure is fun to watch. This my imagination with the coins 10 years ago brought to life. Tell me if you didn’t get a kick out of what his name means.

Bonus points for anyone who can guess if his ‘right hand’ at the start is still his ‘right hand’ by the end.


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