After his encounter with the Spider, the Drummer mysteriously finds himself back outside as if nothing had ever happened.

From the yard by his house he hears the noise of drum beats, and curious decides to stop by.

The Drummer runs into his old friends, who themselves are holding a drumming circle. When they see him arrive they are happy to greet him.

One of them notices that he is carrying a brand new talking drum. But the drummer is still skeptical about the whole thing. And still frustrated that this he had to give away his palm nuts for this simple drum.

But its all the same to his friend. He’s so excited seeing the drum, he invites him to join them and play in their circle.

The group continues playing their instruments. With a shrug the Drummer decides he may as well join in.

He is content to beat out a little rhythm, but it begins to impress his friends for a different reason.

As he beats the talking drum, the sky responds and thunder claps in rhythm with Drummer.

They all stop when they notice the rain is beginning to sprinkle.

Now the Drummer was unsure what to do next. But decided to try the drum one more time.

As he played his rhythm again, the clouds began to cover the sky and rain poured down on all of them!


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