FUZZY+ Fuzman and Acman Pictogram/Comic Strip Door Decorations

Or for those of you who are apparently in a big hurry, Doordecs. Last week was the first week in a long time this site has been without an update, mostly because its getting to the fall time and the writing half of the creative duo is back for another year of University schooling.

That said, updates may have to slow down a bit from our usual pace, but we won’t leave you hanging. Even at college I’m finding ways to keep Central City Tower thriving.

For instance this coming year I will be working as a Community Assistant(CA), similar to an RA at most other University’s. One of my first duties, making those door signs that tell you where your room is when you move in. And who better to grace this simple and fun designs but Fuzzy and Acro?

Who? Us?

I’m going to take the time to introduce to you their humanoid doppelgangers, Fuzman and Acman. Notice the spiky one is more of a go-getter, while the round one is content to laze around. Just like their original counterparts.

These designs make a few solitary images, several 2 frame animations, and one 8 panel comic. One picture on each door. This way, there’s a bit of a treat to paying attention to the signs around your room, or running down the hall really fast.

Fuzman – Makin a Statement

The real benefit of these guys is having a way for Fuzzy and Acro to do cool stuff that requires more than two limbs. Like playing basketball.

Fuzzy shoots it and – boom goes the dynamite

Then again Fuzzy’s form is pretty flawless… The rest of the pictograms are now on DeviantArt, check them out. If anyone would like to use the pictograms for their own door decs or other occasions, just be sure to credit the Tower first and foremost.

Shout out to Northwestern University, especially the staff of Foster Walker Complex, and the residents of 3East. Stay up and have an awesome school year.


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