Spoiler alert. So as an artist you’ve got to push yourself in techniques and refining your style.  This takes humility and also quite a bit of confidence.  Naturally, there’s a reluctance to let the audience in on the work in progress, but hey we’re all friends here and I’d like your opinion anyway.  We’ve stopped literally mid page to get this update. Take a look at this preview from the upcoming Project 0: Part 2:

Need a reference for that three point landing
Here you get a glimpse of one of the closing sequences for part 2.  Two shadows leaping through the air. Are they escaping or giving chase?  Mission accomplished or hasty retreat?  
Either way the final two panels haven’t quite come together yet.  This is the point where I recognize my limitations and do some research to get a sense of what people actually look like when landing on their feet from such a height.  The inspiration for the movement of these two characters is parkour (more on this later)- thus this may be the best start for reference. For lack of a model, a combination of studying these images and videos should provide ample direction.

Part 2 is a shift in adrenaline from what you’re used to seeing, but it’ll be worth in the end.  Owen and the other kids are just fine and they’ll be back as you knew them before long.

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