Oh..whats this?

Milestones have a way of making you want to look back sometimes.

Hard to think that a year ago we didn’t even ‘exist.’ But we decided to put together our first serious graphic novel, (yes there was a less serious one before it) and throw it and other ideas on a blog called centralcitytower. And now, according to the social network, and thanks to all of you, this Tower is standing tall at 100 fans.

In the grand scheme of the world wide web 100 may seem like a small step, but we really do appreciate y’all stickin’ with us, even if you’re not on the Facebook.

We’re still learning what we do well, and how do it better. So tell a friend, invite a ‘friend’, show a family member, and let your local fanboys and fangirls know. We’re not even crankin’ the engine yet!

Thanks again to everyone who’s stopped by, and thanks to all of you who are coming along for the ride.

More to Come.


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