Entrance hall

Well not actually, most of the show shut down by 9 or 10.  The Tower made an appearance at the New York Comic Con this past weekend.  I’ll save you the play by play, but the trek up to New York was well worth it.  For those who don’t understand what this is imagine over 95,000 major certified comic book … I’ll call us aficianados , milling around and being excited.

About half of these people are in elaborate costumes

More than half of them dressed in costumes.   As for our purposes Comic Con was a blast.  The enthusiasm behind the cosplayers was something else. Being a “dork at heart,” this weekend I was really among my people.

On the left: not Boba. Don’t get it twisted.

Meeting with publishers and learning about how to best bring 0 to the masses was on the agenda. Great artists, great entrepreneurs, and a few celebrities amped for the medium. I’m a sucker for the energy at these conventions.  Thematically there was a real fusion of art and technology to get graphic novels on the public consciousness.

Old School / New School

Take away: Its only a matter of time.  The word is getting out there. First responses to Project 0: Part 2 are positive. Next steps are brewing.  I was inspired by what you can do with enough swagger.  Theres always more to learn, but its only a matter of time.

Javits Center is impressive

Eyes now turn to the windy city. Round two for C2E2 hits Chicago in March.  The Tower will have a presence. Come kick it with us.

Stay gold.


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