Hey, we’re glad you’re here.

Central City Tower is back in full force. We’re bringing you new installments of the Project that started it all, but the format’s changing a bit so listen tightly.

From here to as far as our update schedule can see we’ll be posting one new page of Project 0 per Monday. That’s a new piece of finished art and another bit of our epic story unfolding. But we won’t stop things there.

Later each week, check back in with us for a second update. Expect details on 0, the world, the machines, the characters, or just the process. There’s more to a story than the finished product, and we want you to know and love the work as much as we do.

Or we might change it up and dive back into our other projects, like Spider Stories or another quick cartoon from the Fuzzy+ series.

Finally keep up with exclusive sketches, concepts, thumbnails and everything else behind the scenes on twitter @centrlcitytower.

Sign up, talk back, get ready. You’re right in the heart of Central City.

The future is here, no caveats.

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