HGV-20  Harvester

Designed as a terrain neutral assault vehicle able to function in any environment.  Harvesters are powered by a series of condensed nuclear reactors in their advanced cylindrical cores. Hovering is achieved through three high energy repulsor lifts located in the rear underbelly.

Well feared and radically efficient,  this is the primary muscle behind the Lancers paramilitary. Evoking the power of a train, you can imagine it barreling down a field or through a snow storm.

They are typically dispatched in groups like a naval fleet, think of them all terrain battleships. The blast shield on its face is symbol for their iron defense, but they are also well equipped offensively.

They are used to encroach on new territories, eradicating any resistance from native forces, or creating strategic blockades.

What you’re seeing here is the most basic version. While still a capable craft as is, others are outfitted with special artillery, streamlined for increased maneuverability, or have reinforced shields.

It seems like a perfect war machine already, but perhaps what cannot be defeated from the outside may be destroyed from within….

More to come.


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