Welcome to the latest installment in our Anatomy series. Today we’re going to delve into the development of the most recently released Project 0 page 2.02. The history of this particular page is really a condensed version of the genesis of Part 2 as a whole. It was wrought with so many revisions, and iteration after iteration.

Lets take a look at where it started.
These thumbnails represent the original opening for Part 2.  As described in an earlier post this section was originally had a rock’em sock’em bash brothers action packed opening.  
The saboteurs came in, blew out lights and threw guards around for a few pages. The sequence consisted of (1) an explosion as a distraction (2) a great leap over the wall, striking the guards with awe and fear (3) sweet full page landing (4)a face off and extended fight against 5-6 guards (5) blowing out a search light and (6) proceeding to sneak into the building
We ultimately evolved into something more subtle as you saw in the final first and second pages.  
Something more complete
That said many of those elements that were expressed in six pages were condensed to two.  How? Composition. Compositionally the page is an accomplishment.  Take a look at this early draft.  It was to work with page 2.01 and create some kind of circular eye movement, but ultimately was so confusing I could hardly explain it. 
Not worth it
Using a few of the same images now when you follow the page:

Panel 1 catches your attention almost out the corner of your eye
Panel 2 bring you right to the guards, the angles are tight and tense
Panel 3 is the false reveal, the scope expands almost as if taking a deep breath
panel 4-5, then explodes out in both directions
panel 6 your eyes follow the shadows leering over the bodies on the ground.

This is one of my favorite pages in the section, a nice combination of intention and execution. Its like the old saying “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter” The page tells a complete story and moves the book along in a much more elegant fashion.  Further your eyes have more to do on the page than look and read. It also avoids using explosions to sneak into places. 
Project 0 is about learning. The themes involve using what you know to change the world around you. For us, this is more than figuring out how to draw or write, but how to tell a story and convey a message.  You’ll see these techniques all through out Project 0.

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