Many moons ago we introduced the silhouetted saboteurs as two mysterious figures that would change the world of Project 0. Now they’ve finally made their first appearance.

On the left is Ciro, a rebel better known to the world as the Whistler. At his side is Kareem, Ciro’s right hand man and longtime friend.

Ciro and Kareem exist on the fringes of the world. As outsiders they were recruited to use their abilities to hinder and sabotage the Lancers at every turn. The details of the broader network are a mystery even to them, but this fight has become Ciro’s personal mission.

They seek to push the limits of their powers as outsiders in this world. Championing free will and individual choice, The duo is out to disrupt the confining order and determinism represented by the growing influence of the Lancers.

A war is coming. The shadows have been linked to both destruction and acts of heroism. An enigma for authorities, a menace to their enemies, a hope for who can’t fight themselves.

Back to black. Shadows up.


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