Many week pass, and the Drummer is no longer a meager farmer. His old house is now a mansion, his farm is green and overflowing.

But in the backyard you can still hear familiar sounds. His old friends still hold their drumming circle, everything seems the same until one day, they are confronted by one of the Drummer’s many bodyguards.

He immediately stops their games.

After a quick argument, the Drummer’s friends leave dejected. The guard escorts the trespassers away from the mansion. And as for the Drummer? He’s a bit too comfortable to notice.

Since becoming wealthy everything is too easy for him. He doesn’t even have to play his own drum anymore. He snaps his fingers and summons a servant to play for him.

He enjoys the show at first, but notices the magic isn’t working as it used to. He stops the servant and takes the drum himself, to show what an expert can do.

But even when he plays, nothing happens. The drum is beaten to exhaustion, it’s broken and tattered. The magic is gone.

This is a serious problem for the Drummer, he has no magic to sustain what he’s built up. What’s a drummer without a drum?

So he get’s an idea. He stocks up on palm nuts, and goes to pay his old friend the Spider a visit…


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