Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

Well this page was fun.

With what we have planned about the truth behind the outsiders, we’re constantly torn between revealing too much about the back story, and giving enough context. There’s a fine line between having an intrigued audience and a confused one (which kind are you?)

“Our means are all but impossible.” This one nails it. Also this is the end of Kareem’s narration so that’s all your getting for now.

First panel gives the audience a sense of scope. This is interesting since unlike most panels, it focuses more on setting than the characters. It “illustrates” the contrast in size between these small rebels and the machine before them. A reversal from the front of the door on page 2.05 where it looks like our heroes are as big and bad as it gets, to seeing them dwarfed by their real task. I love it.

This page is where we started to deviate from the thumbnails. Panel 4 is a winner and really came up on the fly. Your eye is literally thrown off of the page right as Kareem begins his assault. Given that I know what’s coming on the next page, this “WHAM” is an appropriate teaser. The flash before a roll of thunder.


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