The Magic of 0

In the world of Project 0 there exist people called outsiders. Stranded off-worlders. They are gifted with the power to manipulate the world around them, literally warping reality.

This is the best way to describe this special talent exhibited by the outsiders. The ability to change the world was initially guided by will and emotion. Over time it has been perfected into a skill called Modification or Modding.

Ciro is an active modder

Active modding is usually indicated by wisps of light surrounding the object or area that is being changed. But to some extent outsiders are always modding even subconsciously. The world is constantly reacting to their very presence.

Conceptually we came up with modding purely as a form of psychic power. Psycho-kinesis, telepathy, mind reading etc. but as we kept developing 0 we realized we could push its potential to be virtually limitless. As the story unfolds we’ll see more of its depths.

The outsiders can’t inherently do anything. But what they can do is make a change in the way the world works that allows them to do anything. That all important middle step is one of the things that I really love about 0, and it sets it apart from other series you might think are similar. 

Still, to kick things off, we’ll start with the basics.

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