Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

This sequence is all about what offensive modding can do in Project 0.  Just the tip of the iceberg really.  The intent is for you to feel tossed around as if you were one of those guards.  Rapid fire to right, thrown to the left, smashed back, up and every direction. 

The development of his page was marked by real discussion on sound effects.  I knew for sure that I wanted a strong sound for the rifles going off (inspired by page in this masterpiece.)  But even with all the the mayhem going around the page is technically silent. We ultimately decided that less was more.

Panel 2 had “clks” and “fssshs,” “praks” and “fooms” abounded as Kareem maneuvered around the guards.  We even had a big “FWAWAAA” (whatever that means) as he blows them away on the last panel to close it.  The end result was an already active page with a lot of clutter.  Don’t worry there’s an SFX Anatomy in the pipe that’ll go into all this in greater detail.

Keeping in clean lets you appreciate the movement.  Has your eye track naturally back in space on panel 3 instead of having to read your way in there. I like it.  Our writing half also got to take a break on this one.

Kareem can be a monster when he needs to be.


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