Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

The Whistler doing what he does best. I guess you could say this is what it means to ‘Whistle.’

Ciro crushes his target with one intense move, turns to his right hand man, and in his classic style, let’s his adversaries know they’ve been beaten. It’s a public service announcement really.

We debated a bit on the layout of this page. Initially we had two panels stacked on top of each other virtually identical. One with his hand outstretched and the other his fist clenched crushing the core.

Eventually we settled on this vertical arrangement, and differentiated the panels from each other. There was also some debate on the CRUNCH effect too. We almost wanted to leave it out since we liked the panel so much on its own. But you also have to think about consistency of style-its a loud enough moment to warrant its own SFX.

Something about cylindrical cores and outsiders, they just never seem to get along.


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