Enter: Ciro, also known as The Whistler. The enigmatic saboteur who has made a firm stance against the Lancers. A hero to some, a menace to others.

At age 17 many would still call him a kid. Don’t be fooled. He’s an outsider, a powerful modder, an excellent traceur, and a master of trickery. And he likes to cook.

Despite the accolades he’s actually a pretty laid back guy. Fun loving, confident, and charming, he’s what you might call a lovable rogue.

He used to be something of a wandering thief, a Robin Hood kind of figure. For his skills he was recruited to part of a network of saboteurs that works primarily at stopping the Lancers, and he was only too eager to join. To him, defeating the paramilitary seems to be more than just a job.

The world may never know the full story behind his sudden change. Honestly, he likes to hear the rumors. All this notoriety may be starting to make him a bit cocky but he has every reason to be. At what he does, there’s no one better.


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