With time running out, our heroes dash and leap their way toward the exit. Really no problem for them, but for their opponents it might be a different story as Ciro is only too happy to tell them through his telepathic broadcast.

Ciro and Kareem’s quick movements are based on parkour moves. We did some research and watched videos of various traceurs, for example David Belle, while putting together this page.

If their form was perfectly realistic it wouldn’t fit with the simple style of 0. Still we struggled back and forth between what was right, and what was too stylized. We softened some of the angles but they’re still strong enough to track you through the page.

Panel 3 is of particular interest because it gets back to an idea we had about modding in 0s during 0s earliest development years ago. That because modding allows the characters to change and interact with their world, why not let them also interact with the medium. The Looney Tunes do it all the time.

Ciro literally climbs over Panel 3, a bit of forth wall breaking that we’re keeping light for now, but may be back in a big way later.


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