It’s December 21st already. The longest night of the year, and man its chilly out there in the northern hemisphere.

A rare celestial event just passed, it’s not often we have a full lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. There’s something serendipitous about the timing, hope everyone got a chance to gaze at the heavens, or at least watch the footage and photos online.

At the Tower we suffered a couple hiccups in the past few weeks, and we got a few upgrades so we’re still going strong.  Part 2.1 Is coming close to the end, only 2 pages left to go. After which we’re going to slow things down a bit to let it seep in.

Work on 2.2 is already underway so relax, the wait won’t be too long.

We appreciate y’all stickin with us so far.

Enjoy your holiday season to those of you on vacation. To everyone still working don’t forget to stop and rest every now and then. Its practically the end of the year, if you haven’t taken your me time yet you should probably get on that.

Eclipse of the Solstice….+ the lizard.

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