Just as the sun begins to climb in the distance, our heroes leap from the falling Harvester.

One of the things I like about Project 0 is that the pages tend to take their time. A quiet page like this allows you to breathe narrative wise, and enjoy the artwork from the first panel.

There’s actually a lot going on in this page compositionally and it takes a few risks. It’s divided right through the middle between our two heroes on the first panel and again between the sunrise and the doomed Harvester.

The design controversy that that Ciro’s landing actually leads your eye right off the page before you come back to Kareem’s. The risk is all for the sake of cadence- a rhythm for reading the page. I did this to give each saboteur has his own impact once hitting the ground. One after the other rather than rolling simultaneously. You could imagine the score rising, holding and attacking twice to finish the page.

References significantly improved this page as well. You can now see where some of these poses came in.

Special thanks to the folks at Making Graphic Novels board for their critiques on drafts of 210.


One thought on “PROJECT 0 PAGE 2.10: THE LEAP

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