Let’s work from the bottom up on this one. 
The bottom third of the page is the first time we’ve seen one of our two heroes faces in quite a while. The shadows coming off serves a couple of purposes. Plot wise the mission is over so they don’t need the disguise. Story wise by now the audience should know what these guys are all about. Ciro flashes you a confident smile and the rush of light washes over them. They’ve evolved past the two mysterious and dangerous men we met on the last page of Part 1.
Speaking of, Panel 2, is visually a call back. Two small figures in the shadow of the great harvester. Only now the thing is a flaming heap of metal. As we all know, cool guys don’t look at explosions.
Finally the energy in the BRAOOOM is really the expression of the pent up energy of Project 0. Part 1 really took its time to tell you about Aatu, Bea and Owen and their relationship. Part two has so far created a layer of tension between the hardened saboteurs and the dark army they’re fighting. Here we get a bit of release. Soon the whole thing is going to boil over.
Wow, so 11 weeks ago we started this whole one page a week thing. Hard to imagine this is now the final page of Project 0 2.1 Pre-Dawn Darkness. Thanks for reading, we appreciate each and everyone one of you that have stopped by.
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We’ll have a fuller retrospective say next week? See you then.

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