Denizens of Central City, it’s time for an update.

About a month has passed since the 2.1 retrospective and since then we’ve been working overtime behind the scenes to get set up for C2E2 in March. The first result of that is the biggest:

Project 0 exists.

And with that we are officially comic book artists. This is a serious milestone here at the Tower. Even in the digital age the old school comic book in your hands is something else. The proof copy just came in and the full order is set to be placed this week.

So what have we been doing?

The nitpick list. Long overdue, but Part 1 needed some serious sprucing up before hitting the printing press. About a year removed from when they were first done, we started to notice the little things that are out of place on the old pages. Panels have been shaved, page numbers added, artwork tightened. a Long a tedious process but the book is better for it.

Before | After

Hey guys check out that page number!
Points if you can name which page this is from

The booth. We’ve been constant correspondence with the folks over at C2E2 in terms of how to enhance our Table presence. Like getting an actual table for instance, which is apparently not included in the Table package. The book will be available as with some other cool swag to get your hands on if you’re in Chicagoland and can get tickets to the convention.

Part 2.2: The artwork may have been coasting the past month but its never stopped. Here’s a preview of the next scene.

Hosts: Also we’ve been doing a little coding and editing and preparing for a change of hosts. The blogger site will remain, but in the coming weeks we’re anticipating a change over to WordPress.We’re more artists than programmers so there’s a bit of a learning curve we’re mastering for managing our web-presence.

We promise next time updates go on hiatus, we’ll let you know ahead of time, but sometimes one thing just leads to another.

Despite the disappearing act on our part, viewership never really went down on yours, so thanks for checkin in on us and spreading the word to your friends.

So yeah we’re still here, still doing big things, and still making this operation as legit as possible. We’ll be back in full force soon.


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