‘Quite a lot of work goes into what you’ll be seeing here, so take the time over the next few weeks to browse around and find something you like….We’re starting small but grow with us and we’ll keep you entertained.’
                                                       – Two brothers.

first year lasts forever

Wait is it February 15th again, already? Another year has gone by. Its the one year anniversary of our first post on this blog.

Well I guess I should give a speech or something. I mean we’ve posted 37 pages of 0, brought the Fuzzy universe to the public as our unofficial official mascot, and told a Spider Tale. Attended 3 ComiCons, found the graphic novel and web-comic community we never knew existed through message boards, DeviantArt and other points of contact. Gathered close to 150 fans on Facebook. The site has been through 4 different layouts, some admittedly better than others. But we’re really just scratching the surface of this world, from here we’re still goin’ places.

March 18, 2011- We upgrade from attending, to exhibiting

For the future, we’re of course gearing up for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. We’ve contacted our friend Hayling to provide some beats for our booth and are already printing papers to be sold on site. Buy tickets here if you’re going to be in the area-check us out live and in person.

But as for the website, I think the most important change up we’re pulling this time is a refocusing. We still have an immeasurable amount of ideas and stories and characters we want to bring to you, some are fresh like 0, others date as far back as the year 1995. But we aren’t going to be able to do that, if we don’t sit down and do it.

Owen of the Future : Wide Potential

And so content related updates are probably going to slow down. We gotta get the story of Project 0 done. Once that’s ready, we can bring it to you straight. Then we can talk.

Well that’s enough pattin’ ourselves on the back…for now. Let’s get back into it.



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