For months we prepared, and finally the 3 days came and went. It was such a whirlwind hard to believe its all over. Quite the adventure, well worth the effort.

Only a year ago I was here as a budding artist, now with our own booth its easy to see that the Tower has grown quite a bit.

Station SP02 : Reserved for Central City Tower

We set up the Thursday before the show. Banners came in, books were printed, posters ready to go on sale. We had no idea what to expect it being our first time in the big leagues. Still we weren’t nervous as much as excited.

Open for Business

The big day arrived, and we we’re hustling right out of the gates. There was so much happening at our table that we were actually crammed in pretty tight. We had the books for sale, iPad preview display of 2.1, another laptop running Spider Stories, Fuzzy+ prints on deck, we barely even had space for the Central City Posters. Most people didn’t get to see them.

Early Sales
Our initial spread

Fortunately and unfortunately the people who had the booth next to us, MockTales were a no show. The floor managers came to us and asked us to expand, can’t have a vacancy on the show floor. They provided a second table and we were able to spread out.

The double-wide exhibition center

We met a lot of new faces, gained a lot of support and goodwill and just generally had a good time. Thanks again to Hayling for providing us some phat beats. People came by the booth just dance, most notably a man in a giant bunny costume.

All in all we learned a lot about getting into this business. Earned some new fans and put smiles on a few faces. We had a lot of fun, met a lot of good people, and made some of those key contacts I mentioned last year.

Little Known Fact: King Mickey is a friend of the Tower

Well we can only go up from here. Back to the ol’ grind.


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