So here’s the deal. Now that the convention is over we’re back into production mode so new pages are coming and fast.

Also we’ve improved a bit on our method. Now instead of only having one of us shading the pages, we’ve upped our productivity by 100% having us both work at full speed.

Time is still crammed, but it was amazing that we put a dent in four pages over one weekend. That’s a record on our part. These aren’t finalized yet but take a peek of whats coming down the pipe.

Part 2.2 is a boardroom scene of the Lancers deciding on their next steps to stop that accursed Whistler. That said its not as wistful as part 1, or as action packed as part 2.1. If it’s just going to be the bad guys talking in a dark room we had to figure out a new way to approach it.

You gotta decide! How are we going to keep things interesting!

So it’s become a game of faces. As important as talking is to get the story out you gotta keep pushing the pictures too. The characters gotta emote, come alive, bring you around the page.  No one wants a stale image with a wall of text, it’d be a waste of the medium.

are you kidding, all this guy needs is a speech balloo-
Flabberghast! Madness to even suggest it!

So we’ve put a few of our favorites in this post to whet the appetite a little. We’ll probably have 2.2 posted in the next couple weeks or so.

This is our big moment.

Right. We’ll just see about that. We’ll just see.

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