Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

Project 0 Returns.  At long last.
Hate to keep you waiting like that but I think it’ll be worth it when we go through this next set.  Where did we leave off? Oh yes, actions have consequences.  The silhouetted saboteurs just executed another successful operation against the harvester fleet- their most aggressive one to date.   By completely obliterating one of these crafts our heroes have gotten the full attention of Lancer senior leadership.  They’re not all together pleased.
How’d this page come about?  It’s a sharp contrast to the twisted metal on the grassy plains that the rag-tag saboteurs left behind in 2.1.  The Lancers are clean and secured in this high tech situation room.  Design wise, we’ve got a new setting, new costumes, new toys and new characters. Achieving a cold geometric aesthetic for the Lancers, while retaining the organic style of Project 0, was certainly a challenge.
The page in particular was a lab for a lot of the Lancer’s visual motifs.  Originally all of the walls were white to visually contrast the darkness of the saboteurs on the previous pages (or to comment on the ambiguities of good and evil, you know, depending what mood you’re in).  You get glimpses of their technology, from the “fish tank” holographic display to the magnetically suspended hover chairs.  You get a sense of their style; the uniform makes its first appearance- more on that later- the tron lines pulsate in the background framing the massive display screens.  They’re a cool group. Too bad they’re the bad guys …
Talk back in the comments.  Let me know what you think about this.

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