I’ve never been a big Thor fan. The first thing I thought of was this old old Got Milk? commercial featuring the Avengers when I heard the movie was coming out.

Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch will not be in the upcoming film. Jury is still out on Milkman

I always thought he was the guy in the ridiculous purple costume who shouts ‘What do you fight?’ at the milkman. He does give the line, but hes actually next to the guy in the purple costume, (who coincidentally had cameo in the film.)

He’s really a cheery guy

But the movie itself wasn’t that bad. It told a Shakespearean kind of story of kings and successions, not dissimilar to the Lion King. If you’re big on special effects I’d recommend seeing in 3D, for some of the fight scenes. Most importantly the film didn’t take itself too seriously.

There were a lot of moments that were played for laughs. They kinda relished the whole Norse myth, Viking God feel with glitzy armor, almost gaudy environments and lots of screaming. And jokes, plenty of jokes here.

I feel like the tone of a lot of today’s heroes is beginning to lighten up (hence blog post title.) The Ironman series, Batman: the Brave and the Bold. Its refreshing to see that some creators are starting to relish this more fantastic, out there qualities, instead of the turmoil and angst.

While I can’t speak much as to the mythology of how Thor is supposed to be, the film was overall pretty enjoyable.

But as creators ourselves Thor serves as an interesting reference point. The character flip flops between his home world of the Gods in Asgard and modern day earth. While Asgard is a rich fantasy world with a lot of plot potential, Earth is more played for laughs and some character development. The Earth elements made the film a lot more relatable to the casual audience, and more of a film than a packed super hero story.

We’ve made up a lot of superhero stories over the years. None of which take place in contemporary earth. Would future tales from Central City Tower benefit from bringing in down to a that atmosphere, or can we be like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars and just exist entirely in the fantasy? Time will tell.


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