In some cases thumbnails flow pretty well right from the start, in others they don’t. This was one of the latter. The final product is a mash up of about three or four ideas of how Veronica would present her plan. The staging from the previous page to this one took quite a bit of thought. In early drafts she paces around for a bit, physically pulls up maps and really formalizes her presentation. She put her hands on the table to make her point, and kept them there as she was challenged which made for a lot of awkward back and forth head turning. Movements aside, what would that have said about her character? Not in line with her “reckless” attitude alluded to earlier.

Now it becomes more intimate. Right away it’s established that this is her plan, she’s done the research and she knows it will work. The look at the projector is all about her, the plan and catching the Whistler. Once that first panel is set, the rest of the page flows naturally and you see Veronica in full form.

Like I said a few months ago if part 1 was an adorable child, part 2 is the rebellious teenager. I think she’s starting to grow up.


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