A mysterious private military organization with secret origins and grand plans
The Lancers were formed with a simple mission: engineer peace through order. Without allegiance to any one nation, this organization is free influence the minds of world leaders towards objective measures for peace.  Region by region they have played emissary for the “golden ideal” recruiting territorial leaders.  


In recent months the formerly discreet organization has begun to make its presence known by patrolling the outlands with its massive Harvester class machines.  This sudden shift to intimidation from shrewd diplomacy has attracted the attention of a youth led sabotage movement.  With Outsiders on their side they’ve become a thorn in the Lancers’ once impervious hide.
Clockwise: Maher, Volke, Durant, Veronica, Nico, Martin


Lancer ranks are similar to that of most modern navies. Command of the fleet is governed by a well-defined chain of command.  That said, its corporate roots allow for much more meritorious advancement. 
Legs on furniture are so last century
Uniforms are simple and elegant
Utilizing an endless network of envoys and the latest technology, the Lancers’ vision represents a strong candidate for shaping the future of the world.
Seize the World

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