Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

Oh hey everybody! Hope you all had a good long weekend.  Took a break for Memorial Day. Hope you didn’t miss us too much.  Project 0 is right back where it should be. The story continues with part 2 page 15.

Its secret weapon time!  This page is once again a hybrid of many ideas for the boardroom scene.  The end result is exactly what this scene is about: the old boys club is being overturned by the new girl in town. And she does it in serious style. Even the admiral in the room tries to pivot the blame on to her and Veronica is eager to take all the credit.
Part 2 has been a lot of conversations and sneaking around close corridors.  The last panel on this page finally gives us some breathing room.  The massive mega harvester hanging in the dawning sky is one of the few pieces of scenery in this chapter. Establishing shots are often taken for granted. After a moment of confusion, action, stress or any emotion it centers you, draws your breath, Give you a sense of perspective.  I like it what it does for the pacing. The calm before the storm.
We also catch a glimpse of the next new character, Noor.  She’s in the shadows for now, but more on her later.

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