Project 0 – Part 2 Construction

Here we go. Ah Noor. She’s so cold.

This page took a couple of tries to get right and there are a quite a few of things we wanted to accomplish with it. Originally, just about everything was mirrored – the bikers, the zoom in on Noor’s face and her receiving the order to pursue our heroes and even the take-off.

The thing about that is that you end up asking the readers to read to the right and follow to the left and she has to exit the page going down and to the left (which makes no sense at all).

That’s enough about the layout though. This page sets up Noor as one of the baddest outsiders in the galaxy.

One moment she’s perfectly still and, the next, an eruption of raw power. Don’t let the uniform fool you, the cannon is loose. Veronica is making a real gamble letting her out of the cage and Noor is not hesitating to show what she can do. Ciro and Kareem are going to have their hands full…

There’s more on this page, but for once I’ll let it speak for itself.

Look for a profile on this new Outsider pretty soon.


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