Well it’s that time again, yep hiatus time.

Aw man you gotta be kidding me

With 2.2 complete we’re out of finished Project 0 pages to feed you with. It’s not ideal but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Hang tight buddy

Rest assured, work has already begun on the next climatic arc and its going to be well worth the wait. If you liked Pre-Dawn Darkness you’re going to love Project 0 W/C.

Updates are going to be less frequent during the summer months but we’ll still keep you posted on what we’re up to and any new features that are ready to go.

Stay up to date here, or at any of our social media sites. Otherwise connect with The Roster to have info and artwork forwarded directly to your inbox. A little email never hurt nobody…except for maybe Acroboxle.

Pretty soon we’ll be hittin’ you with a recap of Project 0 Phase I Part 2.2 similar to what we did for 2.1 a few months ago. Til then chill and be easy. It’s that time of year.

Shades up – ears optional

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