Another segment of the Project 0 epic just ended. Here’s basically how it happened.

The two biggest factors at work were the length of the piece and what the Lancers’ final decision was going to be.

We’ve actually been thinking a lot about how long Project 0 is going to be ever since we finished Part 1. Don’t get us wrong, we loved getting to know Aatu, Bea, and Owen. But as far as plot advancement Part 1 didn’t accomplish much.

how many ways can you look across a table?

So we struggled for a long time trying to streamline everything else. Veronica’s speech and the conversation around the table was much more drawn out.

Way back when we even considered integrating it with Ciro and Kareems scene, having shady figures comment on how they were already planning a counter attack during the infiltration.

After rewrites upon rewrites we segregated the scenes and finally got it as quick and snappy as possible. The same information and the same characterization but in less words and pages. Compositionally, we went through several drafts to get the table discussion as dramatic as possible. The finished pages are like composites of panels from past ideas. Overall I’d call the streamlining process a success.

And it shows. We introduced Owen and friends in 26 pages. The silhouetted saboteurs in 11, and the Lancers in 6. On the downside, part of the streamlining process involves cutting a ideas, scenes, and even characters. While we were still in pre-production we told you one character wasn’t going to make the final cut.

one of us?
hmpf, as long as its not me.

But wait, we don’t have to answer to any studio or producer. We’re two regular guys working on one comic in our spare time because we like to do it. Put em all in!

Told you I’d make it.

Noor was going to get the axe because she would’ve have been one less character to introduce and one less bit of the mythology we’d have to explain. And explanations take time, and can be alienating to an audience if they’re too involved or just strange.

But Noor’s awesome. Besides the alternative was sending out the biker units without Noor in order to threaten Ciro and Kareem. Pales in comparison to that blast off.

So now we’ve set the stage for Project 0. Two renegade heroes on the run. A cunning strategist pulling a trump card to stop them. And three kids on an innocent adventure to explore the world. All headed towards one place

To the Machine Graveyard

Stay Tuned for Part 2.3 and the end of Project 0 Phase I Part 2. Coming this fall.

Who ya with?


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