So I was rumuging through my things just yesterday because I missplaced my digital pen, bringing half of our production team (one person) to a screeching halt.

But while I was looking for it I unearthed an old Project 0 relevant treasure. This sketch: (click for better resolution)

maybe we should bring demonfaceguy back

Now if you look at it, you can tell that the guy up at the top is Owen in like his late teens played by Shia LaBeouf, Kareem is in there without his bandana, Ciro with a cleaner cut, a girl that must remain unnamed for now, and a bunch of other doodles. This is also the first appearance of what would become the Project 0 logo/title card.

The significance here is that this is the drawing that forever changed the art direction in terms of style and tone for Project 0 when it was still in its earliest stages. We de-aged the characters and the style went through a few more shifts before we got to where we are now, but that you can even recognize these as the early sketches of the characters is something.

For example, before this drawing, the character that would become Owen, at the time called 1, looked like this:

Hey its a more standard anime character – oh and Acroboxle

We’ll talk more about character design history later.

PS. the pen is found, we’re back into production mode on both fronts.


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