So I watched the premier of the new Thundercats television series. Now as much as I love Thundercats nostalgia, I also remember not liking the original series. I have to say that this one I honestly enjoyed.

Nothin’ says new millennium like Anime style redesigns

I’m not going to talk details, but the action was smooth, the story was strong, and there were some surprising twists for people like myself who don’t remember all the specifics of the old series. Had to look to my sources for more info afterwards. I can see the show pushing the envelope even more as it goes on.

Most importantly it did what a nostalgia series should do. It took some cues from the old plot, and updated iconic characters and imagery and made it into a story that can take in a modern setting. I personally loved seeing the Sword of Omens again, hearing the original Lion-O voice Claudus, and the fact that the palace was shaped like the old home base.

All that being said, ThunderCats is just another in a long line of reboots. A Captain Planet movie is in the works, Pokemon Gold and Silver is only a year old again, Ninja Turtles is getting a new series soon, DragonBall Z is showing ‘new’ episodes, Nickelodeon just launched a ’90sAreAllThat’ midnight run block.

What it means for us is that maybe there is still a place for the old hero elite. Remember we’ve been dreaming up characters for a while yet. It was the sensibilities of some of these rebooted old franchises that inspired our original characters, ultimately leading up to the creation of Project 0. Once we reach a good stopping point on 0, we’re definitely going to have to revisit them.

For us it’ll be like a reboot, but for everyone else its something fresh. It’s a win-win.


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